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refinable.js is JavaScript library for object-oriented function refinement to implement cross-cutting and feature modularity by extension, mutation, and inheritance of function.


npm install hiun/refinable

Note : Currently the library is experienmental and possibly unstable.

Prerequisite : Node.js 7.6 or higher (OR 6.5 or higher with --harmony flag for async await)

Simplist Example

API Server

var Behavior = require('self');
var DBQuery = new Behavior.add(inputScaffolding).add(authCheck);
var ReadDBQuery =;
var WriteDBQuery =;

var LoadArticle =;
var CreateArticle =;


//using traits
var publicApiTraits = {authCheck: null};
var publicLoadArticle =;

Refinable functions aspire motivation of many lasting modularity research like aspect-oriented programming and feature-oriented programming by attempting research’s theoretical benefits into pragmatic practices of rising script languages like JavaScript with dependency free implementation mechanism.

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