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Easy, safe watermarking and resizing with pixelmator on OS X

May 08, 2016

Watermarking photo is essential to share them publically without losing its ownership. Resizing photo is also prerequisite, espacially for web. Despite simple process of watermarking and resizing, there is no de-facto procedure to easily done both within few click and of course, backing up originals.

The interface I choose is Automator, can be accessible through Service menu in Finder. Pixelmator provides variety of Automator Action to manipulate the photo, and Finder provides actions like duplication and rename, by appling those atomic operation as flow, we can create, new distribute-ready watermarked and resized photo from original one. Here is how.


Save the originals Of course, you may run this Automator Workflow to the files that already copied, but we never know our button clicks occur with unconscious manner, I choose to duplicate all file and manually delete after operation finished.

Renaming After duplication process finished, it returns duplicated photo to next Automator Action - the rename finder item. To disthinguish original and distribute-ready photo, I put -dist as a suffix of.

Fit and Watermark It is intuitive, note that fitting photo is applied to photo that has smaller dimension of desired size. Watermark image does not offer more percise configuration, also note that watermark is comparably smaller in vertical photographs.

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