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B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Sejong University
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Programming Languages · Software Engineering · Computer Systems


refinable.js Refinable Functions Constructor for Aspect and Feature Modularity


IoT-TaaS: Towards a Prospective IoT Testing Framework
Hiun Kim, Abbas Ahmad, JaeYoung Hwang, Hamza Baqa, Franck Le Gall, Miguel Angel Reina Ortega, JaeSeung Song. IEEE Access. vol. 6, pp. 15480-15493. DOI:10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2802489. February 2018.

Object-orientation for Behavior Modeling and Composition
Hiun Kim. Proceedings of Korea Conference on Software Engineering(KCSE). February 2017.
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unrefereed publications

Refining Higher-Order Functions and Aspects
Hiun Kim. Working Draft. July 2018.

Implementing Language-based Modularity using Object-oriented Refinement of Function
Hiun Kim. Technical Report. December 2017.

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Object-orientation for Behavior Modeling and Composition @ 2017 Korea Conference on Software Engineering, Feb. 9, 2017

R : Location-based Community Service @ CS284, Dec. 19, 2015

JavaScript Web Applications @ Divtag Developer Meetup, Nov. 10, 2015

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